• Ease of Operation – the HTU is designed to fill and test pipelines using a single power source. The fill pump can output up to 600 gpm @ 350 ft of head, and the test pump output can go up to 3,205 psi @ 23 gpm.
  • High Flow Centrifugal Fill Pump with inlet suction strainer and a butterfly valve on the outlet to facilitate priming and flow regulation
  • High Pressure Triplex Test Pump with super-charged inlet and pulsation dampener for smooth operation
  • High Pressure Check Valve which allows automatic switchover function from fill to test
  • Enclosed Diesel Engine Power Pack with manual clutch engagement PTO
  • Fully Equipped Tandem Axle Trailer with leveling jacks and lifting lug
  • Operator’s Control Station includes engine controls and gauge displays along with a Digital Stroke Counter which displays the total pump strokes and stroke rate of the triplex pump
  • Drain Valves to release pressure and drain fluid from system
  • 20ft Suction Hose with quick connect