M12H Hoist Winch Attachment


  • Pins to excavator stick
  • Compatible with quick couplers
  • Ties into auxiliary hydraulic circuit
  • Uses existing cab controls for all winch functions
  • Standard load monitoring with audio, visual indicators and optional shutoff
  • Winch minimum wrap auto shut down with audio and visual alerts to prevent unspooling of rope
  • Two block damage prevention with auto shut down and audio and visual alerts
  • Supplied with 1/2” x 180’ long wire rope with hook block
  • Wire rope safety factor not less than 3.5 at rated load
  • 16:1 minimum sheave to rope pitch ratio for long rope life
  • 18:1 minimum drum to rope pitch ratio for low stress and long rope life
  • Tension roller to prevent birdnesting
  • Includes a 4-roller fairlead