M220C on JD1050K PL


  • Multi-functional joystick controller allows simultaneous, precise control of the load and boom functions with one hand. Built in electronic switches are used for counterweight and two-speed functions. The controls are easy to operate and require minimal operator training.
  • High capacity pipelayer winch package with high efficiency, two-speed piston motors.
  • Superb Operator Visibility due to new compact sideboom attachment design.
  • Hydraulically operated, four-bar linkage counterweight system adds maximum stability and lifting capability.
  • Low, compact design provides balanced weight distribution for optimum operating control and excellent visibility.
  • Emergency free-fall function on load winch. Allows the operator to drop the load quickly in an emergency situation.
  • Electrohydraulic boom stop automatically prevents system over travel and damage to boom.
  • System ties into tractor’s existing hydraulic system for convenience of OEM replacement parts and maintenance.
  • Tubular A-frame boom with quick release hinge pins for easy boom removal and maintenance.
  • Load Indicator System displays rated capacity, weight of the load on hook, load overhang and slope.
  • Optional boom lengths and Anti-2-Block System available.