Recovery/Line Sagging Winches

High-Performance Recovery Winches can be installed on tract-type or rubber tired machines and are designed to provide many years of service.


  • Linepulls from 20,000 to 100,000 lb
  • Worm gear or highly efficient planetary gearing options to meet the exact needs of the application.
  • Automatic Load Brake
  • Available in single or 2-speed


Line Sagging Winches are designed for Tensioning Power Transmission Lines in Rugged Terrain. 


  • Available in Dual and Triple Winch Models
  • Hydraulic Pilot Controls with Built-in 2-speed Function Switch
  • Toggle Switch Control with Safety Guards for Free Spool Functions
  • Attachment Pins Directly to the Dozer’s Rear Mount
  • System Interconnects to the Dozer’s Existing Hydraulic System